About Us

“See the light in others and treat them as if that is all you can see.”

– Wayne Dyer

The work of LHM Hospice & Social Services Foundation (LHM Foundation) is depicted by a lighthouse beam shining high above a rocky shore. Our team strives to be that light, serving with love, compassion, and grace in all that we do.

LHM Foundation is a nonprofit organization born out of a desire to identify, implement, and sustain solutions for unmet needs in our communities. The Foundation’s programs include providing exceptional, comprehensive hospice care to patients and their loved ones (LHM Hospice) and deploying volunteer teams into the communities we serve (LHM Beam Teams).

Our Leadership Team

With a shared deep commitment to service, members of the LHM Foundation Board and administrative leadership team strive not only to be a light in the world around us, but also to amplify the light in others.

In addition to those pictured here, many other members of the LHM Foundation team play an important role in ensuring that we fulfill our mission to support our communities, uplift our colleagues and provide unparalleled care to our patients.

Administrative Leadership

Amy Foerster,
Chief Executive Officer
Kris Bouslough,
Executive Director of Hospice Services & Foundation Secretary
Jay McKim,
Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
Amy Jama,
Vice President of Compliance
Joann Bowen,
Vice President of Human Resources
Nichole Reynolds,
Director of Compliance
Marc Smith,
Chief Information Officer

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