LHM Hospice & Social Services Foundation

Lighting the way with love, compassion and grace.

About Us

The work of LHM Hospice & Social Services Foundation (LHM Foundation) is depicted by a lighthouse beam shining high above a rocky shore. Our team strives to be that light, serving with love, compassion, and grace in all that we do.

LHM Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization born out of a desire to identify, implement, and sustain solutions for unmet needs in our communities. The Foundation’s programs include providing exceptional, comprehensive hospice care to patients and their loved ones (LHM Hospice) and deploying volunteer teams into the communities we serve (LHM Beam Teams).

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Our Vision

LHM Foundation’s long-term vision includes increasing access to transitional housing for those in need. Such temporary housing would be accompanied by supportive services intended to provide the interim stability needed for individuals and families to successfully move to and maintain permanent housing. Driven by a responsibility to help others and grateful for the opportunity to do so, the Foundation will continually seek out new ways to help those in need as it grows.

LHM Foundation is committed to manifesting our core values, as encapsulated in our GIVE Philosophy, in all that we do.

Core Values


We will be grateful stewards of the gifts we have received, sharing our time, talents, and blessings with others.


We will be honest, transparent, and committed to always doing what is right.

Valued Relationships

We will reflect our love, compassion, and loyalty in the purpose driven relationships we harbor.


We will look beyond ourselves to understand the needs of others.

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